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Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Officially Launches On Steam, Soundtrack Bundle On Sale [Update]

Update: Wolcen Studio has confirmed that server stability for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has improved and connecting to the game should be smoother now. More server space and additional hotfixes will be applied to Lords of Mayhem later today to further resolve ongoing issues like map generation and missing loot.

Original story follows…

The action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has left Early Access after more than four years, developer Wolcen Studio announced. The Diablo 3-inspired action game is now purchasable on PC via Steam.

Wolcen Studio said on its official forum that development won’t end simply because Lords of Mayhem has left Early Access. “We want to support our baby for a very long time,” Wolcen said. “[W]e have a lot of plans for new features and content, and we will continue to read your feedback to improve the game.”

In Lords of Mayhem, you are one of three survivors of a devastating massacre. As the story unfolds, you and your childhood friends Valeria and Edric come to find out who is truly friend and foe. Throughout the journey, you’ll encounter demonic warriors, grow stronger in power, acquire a bunch of loot, and more.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem retails for $40 USD. You can save 10% on the Lords of Mayhem bundle, which includes the full game and a download of the original soundtrack. If you’re curious whether your machine can handle it, we’ve included the PC requirements for Lords of Mayhem below. Wolcen is not available on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, but the developers have said in the past that a console port of Wolcen is something they have an interest in.



If you’ve already been playing the game since its 2016 Early Access launch, Wolcen Studio recommends you uninstall everything associated with Lords of Mayhem. This will allow for a smooth transition between the Early Access and full versions of the game

At launch, the game suffered a myriad of server issues around connection and progression. Wolcen Studio, on Twitter, has been working to address these issues, noting that it wasn’t quite prepared for the 62,000 peak concurrent player count it saw when Lords of Mayhem previously garnered only 1,934 players at a time.

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