Without a ‘change’ in safety, road fatalities will rise in the next months.


Without a ‘change’ in safety, road fatalities will rise in the next months.

According to safety experts, road fatalities would “rise” unless performance is improved and more money is invested in UK roads.

Accidents will return to pre-pandemic levels within months, according to the report Building Back Safer: Making Roads Fit for 2030 by EuroRAP and Ageas. Between 2011 and 2019, between 1,700 and 1,800 people died on UK roads, according to the analysis.

Last year, though, there were 1,472 fatal accidents, a new low.

Experts have cautioned that the pandemic has played a “enormous role” in reducing road traffic.

However, they point out that the 16 percent decrease in accidents did not equal the 21 percent decrease in traffic volumes.

With Independence Day approaching, experts have warned that increased traffic loads and mishaps are “inevitable.”

They claim that unless there is a “step change” in safety and more investment, road injuries and deaths would continue to climb.

“Without a step-change in road safety performance, and the investment required to drive it, the number of road casualties will also rise, with the likelihood that they may return to pre-pandemic levels once more,” the research stated.

“Before we can return to our goal of lowering the annual road death toll year after year, we must lower the curve as the number of casualties rises again.

“While the record low number of road deaths in 2020 is certainly encouraging, we must now build on this to ensure we never return to the days when Britain’s roads saw five deaths and many more life-altering injuries every single day.”

The research advises that instead than waiting for accidents to happen, a new strategy to road safety should be taken to address potential hazards ahead of time.

Lord Whitty of Camberwell, Chairman of the Road Safety Foundation, described the current situation as a “unique opportunity” to “reshape” transportation.

“We have a rare opportunity ahead of us to re-shape the way we move – to design for healthier mobility – to re-define our neighborhoods to enable safer active travel,” he said.

“Such improvements could help us reach future health, exercise, net zero carbon, and air quality targets while also lowering casualty numbers.”

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