With the new car tax rules, caravan and motorhome owners may face daily charges.


With the new car tax rules, caravan and motorhome owners may face daily charges.

CARAVANS and motorhomes will be subject to new car tax charges, with some drivers facing daily charges of up to £60.

Following the successful implementation of car tax schemes in Bath, Birmingham, and Bath, a number of clean air zones are launching this year.

Despite this, many caravan and motorhome owners are concerned about the cost of driving into a specific area in their recreational vehicle.

Motorcaravans weighing less than 3.5 tonnes and equipped with a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engine or a Euro 3 or earlier petrol engine will be eligible for a temporary exemption until June 1, 2023, after which a daily charge of £10 will apply.

From the date of the CAZ launch, any motorcaravans that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes, have a tax class of HGV, and have a Euro 5 diesel engine or earlier will be subject to the full daily charge of £60 per day.

From May 30, 2022, if the motorhome is designated as a private HGV and falls into the same category as vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, the daily charge will be reduced from £60 to £10.

“Feedback from the 2020 Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan consultation highlighted that, due to the way motorcaravans are classified on their V5C document, some will currently be charged to drive within the GM Clean Air Zone and others will not,” a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority said.

“We propose that the charging scheme include M1 and M1 special purpose vehicles with a motorcaravan body type as well.”

“The updated proposals aim to ensure that, regardless of administrative vehicle categories, all motorcaravans and campervans, which may look similar and emit similar emissions, are treated equally.”

“People still have time to comment on the proposals, and we encourage campervan and motorcaravan owners to visit cleanairgm.comconsultation for more information.”

After delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Bristol City Council plans to launch its clean air zone in the summer of 2022.

Although larger vehicles are being charged £100 per day, they have not specified which category caravans or motorhomes will be counted for.

Some caravanners are concerned that the diesel vehicle fees will make it difficult for them to access the popular Baltic Wharf site.

Bradford will have a clean air zone.

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