With the BF Weevil, GTA Online takes a trip to Vespucci Beach


Rockstar Games has been steadily rolling out new vehicles for fans of the multiplayer mode to enjoy since the release of GTA Online’s new Cayo Perico Heist late last year.

The BF Weevil, which is basically a Volkswagen Beetle, was added this week.

The blurb states that it is “a symbol of free love and other high-minded ideals.” Fine, then, for Vespucci Beach.

There are also triple rewards for Motor Wars and Air Races with the update this week, and double rewards for the Smuggler’s Sell missions. Although Paragon R is available at Wheel of Fortune at Diamond & Casino Resort, you can also get a free Güffy double logo hat just for logging in. Elsewhere, hangars, planes and helicopters have discounts.


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