With substantial Highway Code revisions predicted, new driving laws could be implemented soon.


With substantial Highway Code revisions predicted, new driving laws could be implemented soon.

With new regulations for electric automobiles and smart highways, new driving laws could be adopted soon to bring traffic standards into the “21st century.”

The Highway Code is now being revised in order to increase the safety of bicycles, pedestrians, and horse riders on the road. The latest revisions are being debated as the Highway Code celebrates its 90th birthday this year.

The AA provided evidence to the review last year and backed the government’s revised measures.

They have, however, urged for reforms to address a “lack of clarity” in several areas, particularly in the field of smart motorways.

According to a new AA poll, over three-quarters of drivers believe the Highway Code should be amended to include more information about smart highways.

A total of 62 percent of road users expressed an interest in learning more about electric vehicles.

More advice on how to deal with electric scooters and bicycles has been requested by six out of 10 motorists.

E-scooters have become a popular mode of transportation recently, and many people are concerned about how to deal with vulnerable road users while driving.

There is currently no section with electric car guidance, although drivers are requesting information on charging facilities and road signs.

He went on to say that it was critical for drivers to “feel safe” around electric vehicles, and that the Highway Code might be used to “assist” inexperienced drivers.

“Our research suggests that drivers want the Highway Code updated to keep up with the growing demand for electric vehicles and worries about education on smart highways,” he said.

“Drivers in 1931 would be amazed at how far road safety and technology have progressed in the last 90 years.

“With this significant anniversary, we hope that the Highway Code will keep pace with the times and keep drivers safe and informed of new advances.

“We need the Highway Code to assist drivers from the start if we want people to choose electric vehicles or feel secure around electric scooters.”

The consultation period for the government’s reform of the Highway Code was set to finish in October 2020.

The establishment of a new hierarchy of road users system is one of the major changes being proposed.

This will ensure that those who have the greatest potential to cause harm on the roads bear the most responsibility for reducing risk.

The revised Code clarifies the laws of pedestrian priority on sidewalks and encourages automobiles to yield to pedestrians.

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