With perfect timing, the Freeview Play box hits 200 channels and adds a new feature.


With perfect timing, the Freeview Play box hits 200 channels and adds a new feature.

Netgem TV, one of the most popular Freeview Play boxes, has announced the addition of a new children’s TV center feature in conjunction with Channel 5 and Viacom CBS, bringing the total number of free-to-air channels to 200.

Are you looking for something fun to do with the kids during the summer vacation? Why don’t you put them in front of the television? We’re kind of joking.

In any case, Netgem TV – a popular set-top box powered by Freeview Play that is marketed by a number of gigabit broadband providers around the UK – has now announced the addition of a new children’s TV hub named “School’s Out Avenue” to its 200 free-to-watch channels.

Netgem TV, which aims to take market share from Sky and Virgin Media, is one of the UK’s cheapest options for fiber and TV bundles, with prices starting at just £9.99 per month. It has added 20 more channels to its roster, including BT Sport, SportsTribal, Comedy Central, MTV, Motorvision TV, ESTV, Cooking Panda, and Toon Goggles TV, in addition to terrestrial networks via Freeview Play, such as BBC and ITV. National Geographic, Wild, and History Channel are all old favorites.

Younger viewers will be able to watch all of their favorite shows and characters, such as Peppa Pig, Milkshake Monkey, and Thomas and Friends, in one spot thanks to the new dedicated hub for kids.

It was created in partnership with Channel 5’s Milkshake!, which airs daily children’s programming and should know a thing or two about keeping them entertained.

Netgem TV recently surpassed the 200-channel mark. Although it’s a long way from Sky’s basic plan, which includes 300 channels – with the option to pay extra for sports and movie channels – it’s still more than twice BT TV’s 80 channels.

Netgem’s Shan Eisenberg said the company is “ecstatic” with the new launch, as is its partner, global entertainment corporation Viacom CBS.

“We are happy to link up with Netgem TV and be part of their expansion bringing Milkshake! to families using Netgem TV across the UK,” Eisenberg told This website. Kids will be able to watch their favorite Milkshake! shows on ‘School’s Out Avenue,’ which will keep them delighted throughout the summer and beyond.”

If you have a Netgem subscription, you will be able to access the new kids center through your television.

Netgem TV’s “Brinkwire Summary News” is hardly a household name.


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