With more playlists that include high quality creations, Dreams expands the DreamSurfing menu.


The culture and the things they do are all about dreams.

The outcome is that the nature of the interactions varies quite a bit. The DreamSurfing menu did a pretty good job of showcasing the right stuff if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, but one or two lists were packed with meme levels and other works of low effort. The page has, however, been redesigned, as noted by a Reddit user, and it’s certainly an upgrade.

Now, the creations in your queue and the ones you follow are at the top as you click through the DreamSurfing menu, meaning that the items that concern you the most are prioritized. Scroll down and you’ll find playlists that are close to the ones before, except now they’re better and there are more of them. If you want to find out the very latest material, Newest Dreams is there, but you have a lot more curated lists then. And then you have genre playlists like High Score Competition, Party Games, Try Your Mind, Can You Escape, and more. What We’re Playing is what it’s called.

These lists mostly include the better creations, so you can be sure that the best creations are being played.

Of course, the game will provide you with the necessary resources if you want to hunt for the newest or weirdest creations. If you want to play a game where Shrek helps Wallace find his cheese, you’re buddies with the search bars and tags.

Anyway, after this update, DreamSurfing looks much nicer.

No patch is available to download, so no need to worry. What are some cool levels that you’ve played recently in Dreams? In the comment section below, inform us.


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