With a paucity of charging ports for “city owners,” electric car warnings “fell on deaf ears.”


With a paucity of charging ports for “city owners,” electric car warnings “fell on deaf ears.”

DEMANDS for greater electric vehicle infrastructure have “fallen on deaf ears,” with infrastructure for a “significant section of the market” lacking.

The infrastructure “isn’t there” for “inner-city terraced house owners,” according to Chris Green, founder and COO of electric car company Regit. He claims that the necessary “effort and resource” has not been invested, therefore ruling out a whole new market for electric automobiles.

“Despite the support for ULEZ and CAZ, however, there is still work to be done to convince the public to use electric vehicles,” he told this website.

“It’s encouraging to see MPs now calling on the administration to do more in terms of infrastructure implementation.

“Unfortunately, and maybe predictably, those calls have gone unheard.” He went on to say, “We have been swamped with enquiries from inner-city terraced house owners who want to do their part and buy an electric vehicle, but the charging infrastructure just isn’t there for them.”

“As a result, we’re excluding such a large portion of the market simply because the work and resources to evaluate their demands haven’t been invested.

“And, even for those with the potential for charging capabilities, we’re seeing funds cut for new electric vehicles, and communication on newly established charging infrastructure is essentially non-existent,” according to Regit data.

In the meantime, only 56% of respondents stated they would consider a new model.

However, charging infrastructure has long been regarded as a major impediment to adoption, with many owners still experiencing range anxiety.

A new Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme has been proposed by the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, which will help provide funds for the installation of charging connections in homes.

The government has planned a shift toward leaseholders and renters starting in April 2022.

The Government has sponsored 190,000 private chargepoints in homes and companies, according to the Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

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Only 24,000 additional chargers have been deployed in public spaces.

Centrica specialists warned last month that new billing plans could leave some drivers “behind.”

“While there are some encouraging moves in the strategy surrounding charging infrastructure, we.”Brinkwire Summary News”, said Chris O’Shea, Centrica Chief Executive.


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