With a new trailer, Hitman 3 teases a dreamlike PSVR experience with


If there’s ever been a perfect PlayStation VR title, it’s undoubtedly Hitman 3.

Not only is the stealth assassination enormous – combining all of Hitman and Hitman 2’s content with new sandbox stages – but it also combines virtual tourism with excellent stealth action. Every killing will feel personal in virtual reality.

When you play the title with a PSVR headset, this new trailer shows exactly what to expect. To get their attention, you will be able to tap enemies on the shoulders, physically bang piano covers on the heads of enemies, and send guards plummeting to their deaths. It looks like there’s been a huge amount of work going into this game, and we can’t wait to try it on our own.

The only real downside is that to enjoy the virtual reality experience, you’ll need to play the PlayStation 4 version, as the PlayStation 5 version is not compatible. Of course, on your next-gen console, you can still install both editions, but it’s an unnecessary complication and means that the PSVR experience won’t benefit from all the PS5 edition’s visual and performance improvements.

Still, we can’t wait to try the game and wield the infamous fiber wire of Agent 47 ourselves. YouTube has annoyingly stopped us from embedding the video on this page due to age restrictions. You can still watch the clip here and let us know if you’re going to dig out your PSVR headset later this month to try it out.


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