With a new business plan, Richard Hammond saves his father and son’s automobile restoration business.


With a new business plan, Richard Hammond saves his father and son’s automobile restoration business.

Richard Hammond, the host of TOP GEAR, has promised to get his hands filthy when he debuts his new antique automobile restoration firm this weekend.

Mr. Hammond’s new company pledges to serve a wide range of clients, from “minor jobs to comprehensive restorations.” However, the Top Gear host has stated that he is “not deluded enough” to believe that someone would entrust their pricey vehicle to him.

He intimated that the car would not become a “brand specialist,” and that “surprises” would be arriving at their plant.

“I don’t see us ever being a marque specialist,” he said.

“I’d much prefer have larger shocks in the workshop… As a result, we welcome all classic automobile owners and provide services ranging from minor repairs to complete restorations.

“We’re a new company, and I’m not delusional enough to believe somebody would immediately entrust us with a £500,000 automobile, but fingers crossed.”

“We have an exceptionally rare Bentley on the horizon for a complete restoration.

“At the moment, it appears that we are receiving a lot of classic British sportscars.

“However, there is a Lancia Fulvia Zagato on the horizon, which would be an interesting project.”

The Smallest Cog, Mr Hammond’s new firm, will be presented at this weekend’s London Classic Car Show at Syon Park.

He explained that the name refers to their dedication to detail, since they attend to cars “right down to the smallest cog.”

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Mr Hammond said, was a huge motivation for him to take on the project.

He started his career as a coachbuilder at Birmingham’s famous Mulliners plant, then moved on to Jensen.

However, Mr Hammond’s restoration team was ready to lose their workshop, which prompted the final push for the new project.

“Father and son Neil and Anthony Greenhouse have been refurbishing cars for me,” he continued.

“They performed an amazing job on my E-type, XK150, and Bentley, and they were going to lose their workshop, which would have been a huge waste of talent.

“I didn’t want to recruit them because it’s beneath them to work for some person on TV who might decide he doesn’t want to restore any more vehicles this year after doing their own show in rural Herefordshire for 26 years.

It is planned to shoot and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the new company. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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