Windows 11 was supposed to enhance battery life, but it actually made it worse.


Windows 11 was supposed to enhance battery life, but it actually made it worse.

WINDOWS 11 will be released later this year and will include a slew of new features, but the promise of longer battery life for laptop users appears to be a long way off.

Later in 2021, Microsoft will release its new Windows 11 operating system, which will give PCs a fresh new look and a slew of new features like a redesigned Start Menu, information-packed widgets, and Snap Layouts, which helps organize windows on the screen more quickly. Microsoft stated at its introduction last month that consumers should enjoy increased speed, faster software updates, and longer battery life if they work on a laptop.

However, that power boost appears to be a long way off right now. The Insider program has just published an early version of Windows 11, and some early adopters who have already downloaded this new version of Windows aren’t noticing much improvement in battery life. Indeed, some argue that the situation is worse than it was with Windows 10.

One Windows 11 user commented on Reddit, “So I found this issue after updating to 11.” My laptop went from operating for 3-4 hours on casual use, which is sufficient for a gaming laptop, to just working for an hour or 1.5 hours at most. Has anyone else have similar problem with this build on their laptop?”

One Microsoft supporter responded, “I’m having that issue as well, on Windows 10 I get approximately 4 hours of usage on my laptop, however after using the Dev release of Windows 11 I only get around 2 hours.”

“Same here,” said another. Drainage is very heavy. During routine tasks, it becomes hot. Perhaps because Windows 11 consumes more CPU resources than Windows 10.”

Before everyone gets too worked up, keep in mind that this is an early preview build that was issued to iron out any flaws or glitches.

With so many customers experiencing battery loss, Microsoft is expected to move quickly to resolve the issue before the official release date.

This battery issue isn’t the only horror that’s surfaced, as Insiders have also reported a slew of other vexing issues.

One of the most serious concerns currently afflicting Windows Insiders is the lack of search in the Start Menu.

The faulty search bar isn’t the only source of frustration for beta-testers.

“Brinkwire Summary News” lists other known flaws that Microsoft has acknowledged.


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