Windows 11 was announced TODAY, but Windows 10 users have already begun downloading it.


Windows 11 was announced TODAY, but Windows 10 users have already begun downloading it.

MICROSOFT HAS JUST HAD A MAJOR EVENT, ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE OF ITS NEW WINDOWS 11 OPERATIONAL SYSTEM. However, due to a massive leak, some Windows 10 customers have been able to download and install the new operating system ahead of the official release.

Microsoft has unveiled its new Windows 11 operating system, which includes a revamped Start Menu, new widgets, and other enhancements. This upgrade’s full details can be found here.

Microsoft is set to unveil its all-new Windows 11 operating system on a historic day for the Redmond company. It’s a surprising move from Microsoft, which stated in 2015 that Windows 10 would be its final operating system. There appears to have been a change of heart, with it now appearing almost probable that the present operating system, which is now installed on over a billion PCs, will be replaced by something completely new.

The high-profile event, which will take place on Thursday, June 22, was announced by the official Windows Twitter account, and comes after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hinted that the OS’s “next generation” is on the way. Despite the fact that we’re still waiting for confirmation, it’s safe to assume that Thursday’s event will be all about Windows 11, and Microsoft appears to have been beaten to the big reveal.

There have already been numerous leaks depicting how Windows 11 will look, with a redesigned Start Menu, updated sound when PCs boot up, and a softer look to pop-up windows being just a few of the changes that might be released shortly.

Now it appears that customers have started to try Windows 11 thanks to a copy of the program that has circulated over the internet via torrent sites.

Thousands of people have installed Windows 11 on their computers, according to the team at Torrent Freak, and Microsoft is now attempting to remove these early version files. Several messages have been seen requesting that the files be removed from online servers in order to prevent any additional Windows 10 customers from receiving early access.

Here’s a glimpse at Windows 11 for the first time. A revamped Start menu, softened corners, a new startup sound, and more are all included.

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