WINDOWS 10: Microsoft has fixed bluescreens by chkdsk


Microsoft says it has fixed the error that was associated with chkdsk /f. In a few cases, it had happened that after checking the disk with this command, the NTFS file system was corrupted and the operating system was prevented from booting. “The problem has been fixed and should be prevented automatically on non-managed devices,” Microsoft writes in the support post.

However, it could take up to 24 hours for the automatic update to be distributed to appropriate hardware. Microsoft also recommends rebooting the devices. If the bluescreen still occurs or already prevents a system start, patience is required: After a few failed attempts, the system automatically boots into the operating system recovery. From there, the chkdsk command can be executed again. The process can take several minutes and should not be interrupted. After a successful scan, the problem should not occur again. The terminal can be reached within System Restore via the Advanced Options tab.

Microsoft does not explain cause

It is possible that the chkdsk command is executed a second time after a reboot. According to Microsoft, this is normal behavior and should be left untouched. The system “should boot as expected when the operation completes,” the development team writes. For clients managed within the company that have the bug, Microsoft is making a group policy available for download that can be used to fix the bug. Admins only need to enable this policy for all corrupted devices.

It remains unclear what caused the bug. Originally, it was assumed that it had something to do with legacy hardware. However, this was partially refuted by several counter-examples. Microsoft has not announced any further information about this.


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