Will Tinder’s ‘Coins’ Encourage People to Use the Online Dating App More?


Will Tinder’s ‘Coins’ Encourage People to Use the Online Dating App More?

Tinder ‘Coins’ is the online dating app’s new in-app currency, which isn’t necessarily a move toward cryptocurrencies, but rather a push to use it more for in-app purchases. These coins are believed to be as good as money, but exclusively for usage in the app, as people may earn them by using Tinder more frequently.

However, because the app’s main purpose is to find “The One,” or a possible spouse, it may invalidate a person’s dating preferences. Tinder, one of the most popular social dating apps, has achieved a major milestone this year, as it has shown a strong performance in terms of revenue and statistics in the second quarter.

Will the “Summer of Love” turn into “Fall of Heartbreaks” or “Success of Fall”?

Will Tinder Coins Encourage App Use?

Tinder has added a lot of features to the dating app in recent months, and it has become a go-to app for those in the thick of the pandemic. People are either breaking up because of long-distance relationships or are just beginning to look for suitable companions and meet new people, although it has been difficult recently.

While Tinder’s goal is to reward users, this “coins” venture appears to be aimed at retaining users and encouraging app use for those who are already using the app.

It’s obvious, especially since the longer a person swipes or spends time in the app and uses its numerous functions, the more money they’ll make. That said, it may encourage some people to use apps, but not everyone. It’s crucial to remember that everyone has their own dating preferences, which they stick to and prioritize.

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What are Tinder Coins?

According to a Bloomberg story, Tinder is nearing the launch of its in-app currency, which will reward users with “coins” that can be used to make other Tinder items. Several profile enhancements, Super Likes, rewinds or undos, and other features are included.

It also motivates users to use the app more because they will be rewarded with a variety of beneficial features that they can purchase within the app.

However, not everyone uses Tinder or other dating apps. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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