Will this custom-designed 4K TV be discounted on Black Friday?


Will this custom-designed 4K TV be discounted on Black Friday?

SKY GLASS is one of the most popular products right now, but with Black Friday just a few days away, is it worth waiting to order in case there’s a last-minute sale?

Sky has announced, which includes discounts on its superfast broadband plan, SIM-only deals, and the Sky Q box and internet bundle.

That’s all very exciting…but what about the brand-new Sky Glass? For those who missed the announcement, Sky Glass is a custom-designed QLED TV that includes everything you need to watch Sky TV.

A small soundbar, hands-free voice controls, and a redesigned user interface round out the features.

Sky Glass fulfills a four-year promise to detach its exclusive television channels from the satellite dish, with everything being streamed over broadband for the first time.

Sky Glass is available for users to for £13 per month, with Sky previously revealing that the first batch of orders would be prioritized for its most loyal customers (Sky Gold VIP members).

For just £26 per month, you can get access to Sky Q’s most popular channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, MTV, and Sky Sports News, as well as a Netflix subscription.

Given that Netflix alone costs £10 per month – and that this package includes the latest Sky Q equipment, hundreds of satellite channels, exclusive Peacock shows and films, access to 500 on-demand boxsets, and more – it’s a pretty special deal.

If you want to add Sky Sports and Sky Cinema later, there are also some great deals available.

£20 setup fee

Sky Glass is a brand-new custom-designed 4K TV with everything you need to stream the Sky Q experience tucked inside. Want to access all of the same exclusive channels, boxsets, and sports as above… but don’t fancy a satellite dish on the outside of your home?

It just launched in mid-October and is already incredibly popular, so you’ll want to pre-register to ensure you get a spot near the front of the line.

Cost of setup: £10

Given that Sky Glass isn’t currently available for everyone, it’s unlikely that any discounts will be offered this time.

The 4K TV was only announced in October, and it was accompanied by the.

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