Why terrible broadband might ruin Windows 11, according to a fresh leak ahead of the launch event


Why terrible broadband might ruin Windows 11, according to a fresh leak ahead of the launch event

It has been disclosed that you would need an active internet connection to get started with a new Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft has vowed to introduce the “next generation of Windows” during a lavish event scheduled for tomorrow. The only issue is that the previously unreleased new update was leaked online last week. The revised operating system, dubbed Windows 11, appears to be a significant facelift, with soft rounded corners on all windows, a new Start Menu that launches in the centre of the screen, revamped icons for every application and option, and the list goes on…

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the leaked design not only spoiled the surprise during the event, but it also didn’t go down well with users.

There’s more bad news to come.

To set up your desktop PC or laptop, you’ll need to be connected to the internet, according to Microsoft-focused blog Neowin. While Microsoft has long pushed all Windows 10 users to create a Microsoft Account, which requires an active internet connection, there was a workaround.

When you unplug your device’s ethernet cable, you’ll see an option that says “I don’t have internet,” allowing you to continue with the rest of the setup.

When installing Windows 11 Home, however, there is no option to create a limited local-only account if you don’t have internet. Neowin has attempted numerous times to make this tried-and-true method work with the leaked version of Windows 11, but has had no success. What’s more alarming is that there is no choice for a “Offline Account” in the “Sign In Options” menu.

On Windows 11 Pro, you’ll find this option in the same menu. Because these versions of Windows 11 aren’t nearly done, it’s possible that the option will be added to Windows 11 Home shortly. However, it appears that Microsoft is content to let those who pay for the Windows 11 Pro installation to work without an active internet connection, while those who purchase Windows 11 Home, which should include a larger number of users, are forced to sign in or create a Microsoft account.

Because you’ll need an internet connection to get started, check sure your broadband is steady, or that the room where you’ll be setting up the desktop PC has a strong Wi-Fi signal. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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