Why parking near a fence can assist prevent the theft of your car’s catalytic converter.


Why parking near a fence can assist prevent the theft of your car’s catalytic converter.

Thefts of catalytic converters have decreased by more than half in the previous several months, thanks to experts’ advice on how to keep their cars safe.

Thefts of exhaust emission control devices peaked in March 2021, when 3,245 were reported in the United Kingdom, but have consistently decreased since then.

In July, there were fewer than 1,400 thefts, compared to a spike in the price of precious metals at the start of the year, when theft was at an all-time high.

The consequence of a collaborative effort between the police and the risk management firm Smartwater Group was a significant reduction in thefts.

Unlike the etching of serial numbers, which can be clearly seen by criminals and easily removed by scraping with a screwdriver, they used forensic technology, which is undetectable to the human eye but glows yellow under UV light.

heycar experts have created a list of additional ways that can be utilized to assist avoid catalytic converter thefts.

To make car thefts more difficult, drivers should always park their vehicles close to fences, walls, or kerbs.

This is because thieves must slide under the car and use cutting tools to separate the box from the pipes surrounding it in order to steal the parts.

Drivers should also park their cars in garages or, if they don’t have one, next to another car in car parks or multi-story buildings.

Motorists are urged to park in well-lit places, as with any type of auto theft protection. The chances of thieves daring to take the converter are quite slim.

Smartwater technology, as previously indicated, may also be deployed, with the business beginning to roll out the system to garages across the country.

It will cost a few pounds and will be applied when the vehicle is put in for a MOT.

If the catalytic converter is fastened on, drivers can request that the belts be welded to make removal more difficult.

Users of the road can also install security devices to assist reduce the likelihood of their belongings being stolen.

Security cameras, doorbell cameras, or even wildlife trail cameras could be employed when parking in their own driveway.

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