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Where Is Xur? Destiny 2 Exotic Vendor Location & Items (February 14-18)

Xur is back in Destiny 2 for the weekend, offering a new batch of Exotics. That’s good news if you need something new for the Crucible–there are still a few more days of the Valentine’s Day-themed Crimson Days event, and next week sees the return of the Iron Banner, as well. It’s a great time to visit Xur, snag yourself a Fated Engram, and add something to your collection that might give you a competitive edge. Here’s where to find Xur this weekend and what he’s offering.

Xur is located on Nessus right now, in Watcher’s Grave. His Exotic weapon this week is Tractor Cannon. Hunters can get The Dragon’s Shadow chest armor; Warlocks can snag the Starfire Protocol chest armor; and Titans get a chance at the Wormgod’s Caress gauntlets.

To find Xur, start at the Watcher’s Grave transmat area. Hop on your sparrow and head north, looking for Calus’s big gold barge floating over the area. Climb aboard and look for Xur hanging out on the left edge of the ship deck.

Xur is offering one anomaly this week: Wormgod’s Caress. Players recently found that the perks of the Titan gauntlets could be activated along with those of other Exotics, allowing you to supercharge your damage output, which made it possible to knock out super-tough raid bosses like Riven solo in no time. Bungie hasn’t been able to fix the issue thanks to another bug that wiped out players’ currencies and materials, so Wormgod’s Caress is currently disabled. You might still want it for your collection, though.

If Xur’s wares aren’t compelling, you can always roll the dice on the expensive Fated Engram he brings with him. This gives you a single Exotic from the limited pool of ones you haven’t already earned, for the price of 97 Legendary shards. If there’s something you’re missing from your collection and you want it sooner rather than later, it can be a good deal–starting with the Season of Dawn, all Exotic Engrams are Fated Engrams, but you’ll have to level up your Season Pass or wait for a random drop to get some. Be sure to purchase it on the character who’s missing the Exotic, and note that you can only get one per week, so choose wisely which of your characters makes the buy. If you’re a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of cross-save, you can now potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram as well, thanks to the fact that it’s no longer exclusive to PS4.

If you don’t have Tractor Cannon already, this is a good opportunity to pick up a useful, versatile weapon. Tractor Cannon often comes up in raids and other tough PvE content because it’s great for boosting your teammates’ damage output. The gun suppresses enemies’ abilities and makes them more vulnerable to incoming damage, so using it on bosses gives your whole team an advantage. It also sends smaller enemies flying, which is always hilarious.

Hunters’ class ability, when used effectively, can be devastatingly useful; the Marksman’s Dodge reloads your current gun to get you back in the fight quicker, while the Gambler’s Dodge can recharge your melee ability if you’re near enemies–and with the right subclass, you can make yourself invisible. The Dragon’s Shadow adds to the usefulness by making your dodges reload all your guns, while also increasing your movement and weapon handling speeds briefly. When you’re wearing this chest armor, you get the benefits from Marksman’s Dodge while using Gambler’s Dodge, so take advantage of all those fully loaded guns.


For Warlocks, Starfire Protocol is all about the synergy between Empowering Rifts and Fusion grenades. The armor gives you a second Fusion grenade charge, so you can throw grenades more often, and your grenades recharge when you land damage with your empowered weapons while standing in a Rift. Getting kills with your Fusion grenades then recharges your Rift energy, giving you a feedback loop of destruction.


It’s currently disabled until Bungie can release a patch fixing it, but when it works, Wormgod’s Caress is pretty useful if you like punching things. When you land melee kills with the Exotic, your melee damage is increased. Keep landing kills, and you keep increasing the damage boost and extending the effect. Players lately have been punching a bunch of small enemies and then using the buff to lay into bosses, so when Bungie reactivates Wormgod’s Caress, get creative with it.


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