WhatsApp is on the verge of releasing a must-have feature that it has been working on for “years.”


WhatsApp is on the verge of releasing a must-have feature that it has been working on for “years.”

WHATSAPP has just announced a huge update to the chat software, which will eliminate the need for a phone to send messages.

Users of WhatsApp Web and Desktop are about to get one of the messaging app’s most-wanted features, which has taken the Facebook-owned company years to launch. Using WhatsApp on your laptop, PC, or tablet required maintaining a secure connection to your smartphone until recently. If your phone is out of battery, missing, or broken, this has been a major aggravation. Without an active phone, you can’t check your messages, and uploading chats and photos to a second device can be slow.

Users were overjoyed this week when the firm revealed that multi-device functionality would be added. You may now use WhatsApp on up to four devices at once, in addition to your phone. Even better, it works without the use of a phone line.

The reason for the delay was because WhatsApp wanted to ensure that users’ privacy was protected when switching devices. However, it has developed some ingenious new technology to ensure that all of your messages are still encrypted end-to-end, preventing hackers from intercepting and reading them.

All of your messages, as well as other data such as stickers, archived chats, new contacts, and starred messages, will be synchronized smoothly across all of your devices as an added bonus. You’ll be able to initiate and respond to WhatsApp calls from any device.

Previously, your phone was a “source of truth” that other gadgets had to mimic, according to the business. Each additional device will now have its own unique security ID, which will be linked to your identity. WhatsApp stated that they had to “completely rethink” their processes.

Are you concerned that this will allow others to add devices to your account without your knowledge? According to WhatsApp, you’ll still have to attach each one by scanning a QR code with your phone. There will also be the option of requiring authentication by fingerprint or facial scanning. You’ll be able to see all of the devices associated with your account, as well as when they were last used, and log out of each one remotely.

We’re introducing a beta of our new multi-device capabilities for @WhatsApp, and we’re quite thrilled about it. Even if your phone isn’t active or connected to the internet, you may now use our desktop or online experiences. End-to-end encryption protects everything.

Find out more here: https://t.co/AnFu4Qh6Hd

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