WhatsApp has announced yet another major update for Android and iPhone, which will be available TODAY.


WhatsApp has announced yet another major update for Android and iPhone, which will be available TODAY.

WITH THE ADDITION OF NEW “JOINABLE CALLS” TODAY, WHATSAPP is making some substantial modifications to its chat software.

It’s a little like waiting for the bus when you’re on WhatsApp. For months, there had been no big upgrades…now two appear at once. Last week, the chat app announced that it would finally allow users to access its service on desktops and tablets without having to have their phones handy. And now it’s adding a feature to its video and audio calls that allows users to join a chat after it’s already started.

Joinable Calls is a new feature that will be available starting today, allowing people who miss the start of a group video talk to join at any point during the session. Users will be able to take a break from the call to answer the door or prepare dinner before returning to it later. Those who do not answer the incoming call in a timely manner, or who hang up mid-conversation, are now unable to join the ongoing call with the other participants.

WhatsApp has added a new call details page to improve users’ ability to make and join calls, allowing them to know who is already on the call and who has been invited but has not yet joined. Anyone who presses the ignore button when the call begins can join later from the WhatsApp calls menu.

“At a time when so many of us are away, there’s nothing better than getting together on a group call with friends and family, and there’s nothing worse than finding that you missed a great moment,” WhatsApp wrote in a blog post about the update.

“Some of the most interesting talks take place when you least expect them. Now, even if someone in your group misses a call when it rings, they can still join at any time. You can also leave and come back as long as the call is still active.”

As previously said, this isn’t the only change coming to WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp on a laptop, PC, or tablet previously required maintaining a secure connection to a smartphone. That is, however, changing after years of waiting.

Users will soon be able to use WhatsApp on up to four devices at the same time, according to the update.


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