What is the name of Tim Paine’s wife, and how long have they been married?


What is the name of Tim Paine’s wife, and how long have they been married?

Following the release of vulgar texts received by former Australia test captain Tim Paine, the wicket-keeper batsman, who has never achieved a test century, announced today that he would be standing down.

Tim Paine has announced that he will resign as Australia’s test cricket skipper less than three weeks before the first Ashes ball is bowled.

Following a series of vulgar texts he sent to a coworker in 2017, the wicketkeeper, who is currently married to Bonnie, said on Friday that he would be retiring as the team’s leader.

Both the cricketer and his wife Bonnie were apparently aware of the communications prior to Paine’s appointment as captain in 2018.

The recipient of the texts is assumed to be a Cricket Tasmania employee who met Paine while playing state cricket.

The texts are thought to have been exchanged in November 2017, before of the inaugural Ashes match at the Brisbane Cricket Ground, also known as Gabba.

Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s former test captain.

Tasmania-born Tim Paine, 36, was named captain of Australia’s test cricket team in 2018, following the ball-tampering controversy that forced previous captain Steve Smith to resign and face a 12-month suspension.

“We have maybe had our heads in the sand over the previous 12 months that if we continue to win, we can act how we like and the Australian public will be OK with that,” Paine said shortly after the ball-tampering controversy broke in 2018.

“We discovered in the previous month that the Australian public does not approve of the way we go about it, therefore the solution is simple: we must modify our behavior.”

Paine, who has never scored a century in test cricket, was Australia’s youngest player ever when he signed a rookie deal with Tasmania at the age of 16.

The 46th captain of Australia’s test team is expected to be available for selection for the next Ashes series.

Tim Paine and Bonnie, his wife, wedded in 2016, making their marriage five years old.

Bonnie, a registered nurse who is said to have stood by Paine for three years while knowing about the texts, is a celebrity in her own right, with over 50 thousand Instagram followers.

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