What are you doing this weekend? Talking Point: – 357 Issue


No, we certainly haven’t forgotten as the new year dawns about the next episode of WAYP. Quite the opposite. This article was definitely not put together in a rush to ensure that our great run of good luck continues.

After hundreds and hundreds of problems, however, I’m sure you now know how to do it. What games are you playing during the lockdown to fight the hangover you got?
Liam Croft, Writer for Senior Staff
Valhalla’s Assassin’s Creed is far too long for its own good, so for now I’ve left the Viking adventure. I’m now playing Bugsnax instead! What a treat it has been so far.

Is there a specific game that you want to play in order to welcome the new year? Or are you sitting on a backlog of yours? Either way, in the comments below, let us know.


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