Weeks after acknowledging hydrogen cars have “issues,” James May unveils his new automobile.


Weeks after acknowledging hydrogen cars have “issues,” James May unveils his new automobile.

James May, host of TOP GEAR, has unveiled his new Toyota Mirai, just weeks after criticizing it for its lack of accessibility.

Mr May stated on a DriveTribe tape that he had purchased the brand new Mirai before taking it for a test drive around London. He acknowledged to buying the vehicle despite never having driven the new model.

He claimed that he had never sat in the car or seen the model in person, only in photographs.

“You didn’t think I’d give up on hydrogen, did you? It’s a magical substance,” he remarked.

“This is a vastly enhanced automobile; it has a larger tank, greater power, a smaller fuel cell, better range, longer range, beautiful wheels… it’s just epic.”

Except for the rain hitting the bodywork, he noted the automobile was “totally silent.”

Despite being stopped in heavy traffic for the entirety of his test drive, he said the automobile was “nice.”

Mr May demonstrated the car’s electronics, which included onboard parking cameras that streamed directly into the cockpit.

Mr May announced in March that he would be trading in his Toyota Mirai for something “more exciting.”

He warned at the time that owning a hydrogen automobile had “issues,” such as a dearth of hydrogen charging facilities.

He said that the UK has only 11 hydrogen charging facilities, making it impossible to refuel the car.

Driving the Mirai, Mr May said, was an exercise in “brinkmanship” and “trepidation.”

“When I initially got this car, there were only eight hydrogen stations in the whole of the UK,” he explained.

“By that, I mean the entire United Kingdom.

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“Even today, there are only 11 hydrogen stations, making it impossible to use as your primary mode of transportation.

“It would be excellent if Germany, like the Japanese, had hundreds of hydrogen stations. We haven’t done so, and we’re behind schedule.

Despite the rise in popularity of electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles have yet to gain traction in the United Kingdom.


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