Warning: If your download speeds are slow, it could be due to your microwave.


Warning: If your download speeds are slow, it could be due to your microwave.

BROADBAND users should be aware that their microwave ovens may be slowing down their download rates.

Microwaving your evening meal could be wrecking havoc on your internet connection. Yes, that household appliance that millions of us use on a daily basis could be the reason for your Netflix binge coming to a halt. According to a new survey conducted by Zen Internet, most Britons are utterly unaware that simple objects like an oven can have an impact on the internet signal that is sent across their houses.

Zen actually advises consumers to keep their router away from these gadgets because the electromagnetic waves they emit can interfere with WiFi connectivity.

Consumers are also unaware that where you position your router matters, according to Zen’s latest research.

If you want a strong connection, Zen believes the optimum place for that little flash box is in the middle of the house.

Most users also felt that turning the router on and off would solve most problems. A brief reboot can assist with minor faults, but it won’t address major issues and isn’t a long-term solution for poor broadband.

Other common misunderstandings found in the survey include:

• Ignoring the fact that putting the router in a cabinet out of the way will disrupt their internet connection.

• Believing that the router is a potential fire hazard

• Believing that WiFi emits dangerous radiation.

“The past year has entrenched our reliance on a good internet connection, with residential broadband suddenly being utilized for work and enjoyment throughout the day,” said Paul Stobart, CEO of Zen Internet. However, there are still steps that users may do to maximize their broadband’s capabilities. We intend to improve our customers’ experiences by debunking some of the myths associated with internet setup and providing information on topics such as the disruptive nature of microwave frequencies. We would encourage other providers to follow suit.”

According to Zen, common public blunders may stem from a lack of awareness of industrial jargon.

Just under three-quarters of those polled say there is too much jargon in the broadband market, with almost a third calling it confusing and nearly a quarter believing providers do it on purpose. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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