Vodafone has just alleviated a major source of concern for all iPhone and Android users.


All iPhone and Android users will be relieved to learn that Vodafone has resolved a major issue.

VODAFONE has launched a critical new service aimed at preventing iPhone and Android users from receiving endless streams of fake text messages.

If you have a smartphone, you have almost certainly received a phishing text message in the last year.

Scammers used new methods, such as sending messages that appeared to come from delivery companies like DHL or the Post Office, to try and trick people in 2021, which was one of the worst years on record for scams.

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Many of these texts are now sophisticated, with links leading to phony websites that appear to be very real.

It’s a growing issue that puts people’s personal information and financial information in the hands of criminals.

Vodafone is now claiming that its new anti-fraud defenses are blocking many of these obnoxious texts, indicating that the UK network is attempting to address the problem.

During the busiest shopping season of the year, the company claims to have seen a “sustained decrease in overall reported fraudulent text messages.”

Average volumes of scam texts fell by 76 percent in December compared to May, with over 45 million phishing messages blocked since the end of August 2021, thanks to this new SMS firewall technology, which looks at where the text came from and who the recipient is.

Vodafone says it has made it easier for Android users to report suspicious texts using its ‘7726’ service, in addition to blocking messages.

The service, which is free to all Vodafone customers, allows users to report suspicious texts to Vodafone by forwarding them to the number 7726 for investigation.

By pressing a button in Google’s Messages app, Android users can report suspicious text messages.

“We can all be duped by a fraudulent message,” said Ross Doherty, Vodafone’s UK Senior Fraud Manager, in response to the news.

“While the December figures are encouraging, con artists continue to devise new ways to dupe customers into divulging personal and financial information.

As a result, we continue to ask.

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