Vodafone customers furious at ‘greedy’ roaming charges but there’s a way to avoid new fees.


Vodafone customers furious at ‘greedy’ roaming charges but there’s a way to avoid new fees.

VODAFONE has just revealed that it’s bringing back roaming charges for some customers travelling to Europe. Although the news has not gone down well, there is a way to avoid these unexpected charges.

Vodafone consumers were outraged this week when the popular UK network revealed that the dreaded roaming fees would be reinstated. Because of the change in terms, some users will be charged £2 a day to access calls, texts, and data while on vacation in Europe.

After the news was revealed, many Vodafone users instantly took to social media to complain about the fees with one saying, “Vodafone is also reintroducing roaming charges. It’s possible that it’s time to switch networks.”

“Vodafone has become the second UK mobile company to introduce roaming charges for subscribers traveling to Europe!” said another. Absolute greed on the part of the operator, who earlier stated that there would be no charges after Brexit!”

If a family of four with Vodafone contracts were to use their smartphones during a two-week vacation in the sun, the additional charges might add more than £50 to their bill.

Although this is certainly an unwanted shift, there is a way to avoid the increased roaming fees.

The update will not take effect until January 2022, according to Vodafone, and it will only affect people who sign a new contract or upgrade after August 11.

As a result, if you keep your current SIM or phone plan, you will not be charged. Those who sign up or switch plans today, August 10, will avoid being charged for checking their email on the beach the following year.

“Existing customers will not be impacted by these changes while they remain on their existing price plan, and roaming in the Republic of Ireland will continue to be included for all customers,” Vodafone said in a statement to This website.

“Changes to plans will take effect for new subscribers or those who modify their price plan on August 11, 2021, however roaming charges will not begin until January 6, 2022.”

Even if you switch plans after August 11, Vodafone will offer roaming plans or data bundles for £1 per day for those who pre-order before they leave.

“Customers will have the option of selecting a package that includes roaming.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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