‘Vitally important’: A simple service could save drivers hundreds of dollars on gas and car insurance.


‘Vitally important’: A simple service could save drivers hundreds of dollars on gas and car insurance.

As driving patterns change, motorists may be able to save hundreds of pounds by using the Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Approximately 3.4 million vehicles are declared “off the road” each year, often for only a few months at a time.

Drivers frequently choose to SORN their vehicle in order to learn how to live without it or to save money for a period of time.

A SORN allows drivers to keep their cars off the road without paying taxes or insurance, allowing them to save money on things other than gas.

If road users paid for their taxes and insurance in advance, they may be eligible for a partial return.

Due to current gasoline shortages, it is claimed that several drivers have decided to SORN their vehicle for the time being.

During the fuel crisis, a two-car household making fewer individual travels may submit a SORN for just one vehicle.

They would only have to worry about one tank of fuel if they did this.

The government’s website explains how drivers can get off the road with their vehicle.

“Informing the DVLA of a SORN for a vehicle is easy, and it automatically creates a refund of any remaining full months of car tax,” it says.

“Anyone who wants to get back on the road with their vehicle must first tax it.”

“Taxing it online is the easiest and quickest option; it only takes a few minutes and the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

During the gasoline crisis, drivers who SORNed their vehicle would have saved money on both fuel and other transportation expenditures.

If drivers are facing temporary financial difficulties as a result of the gasoline crisis, a SORN is one option for surviving without having to sell their car.

This can also be employed when people don’t have the cash to make repairs right away.

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With the car off the road for a few months, possible savings on car tax, insurance, and gasoline can be used to help pay for repairs.

However, the government’s website cautions drivers against abusing the SORN system.

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