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[VIRAL] Racist White Couple Blocks Hispanic Man From Parking in His Own Garage

Despite the ongoing protests around the world against racism, it is clear in many videos that have popped up over the last few weeks that the issue is very much still present. Thes videos detail how people of color are facing discrimination because of their race.

In a new viral video, a white couple can be seen blocking a Hispanic man from entering and parking in his own apartment complex’s garage. According to a report by Newsweek, the video was taken in a San Francisco apartment complex and was posted on social media on Thursday, June 25.

Michael Barajas, a 28-year-old Mexican-American man, said he went out to buy some fruit last Tuesday night, June 23, when suddenly a white SUV driven by a woman with her boyfriend in the passenger car blocked Barajas from entering the garage.

“You don’t have a right to come in here,” said the man on the video, identified as William Beasley.

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In his interview with NBC Bay Area, Barajas said that the couple quickly became aggressive and even threatened to call the police after allegations of trespassing.

“If you have a key card, you can get in yourself. You’re not coming in the f-king garage,” Beasley yelled at Barajas from his SUV, as heard from the video. “I called the cops, so you got about five minutes to get out of here.”

The 28-year-old man did tell Beasley that he does have a key fob multiple times throughout the video, but it seemed like Beasley did not acknowledge it and continued to block him.

According to Barajas, he was wearing black clothes, and his tattoos were showing, so he believed Beasley and his girlfriend might have seen his appearance and instantly decided that he was a threat.

A bystander happened to witness the interaction and went to Barajas’ defense and began smacking Beasley’s car and yelled at him to move his car out of the way.

With that, the white man got out of the car and yelled at the bystander.

He can even be seen about to kick the bystander, who was then seen on the ground, probably hit–and that might have been the case as the Southern Station was called to the apartment complex as someone had reported a battery.

“Officers met with a male victim who said that he saw a verbal argument ensuing between residents about entry into the building. The victim attempted to intervene and was assaulted by a male suspect,” a statement from the San Francisco Police Department said.

The statement also revealed that the suspect had left the area before the police’s arrival.

According to them, the victim has declined to file a formal complaint and that they have been trying to reach out to the original 911 caller, but failed.

Meanwhile, Apex Systems, which is a technology service business where Beasly was employed, has fired him from his position, effective immediately. They posted a statement on their official Twitter account that they would not tolerate any “violent or racist behavior” within their company.

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