Users of Windows 10 are being plagued by a ‘nightmare’ problem that forces them to make an impossible decision.


Users of Windows 10 are being plagued by a ‘nightmare’ problem that forces them to make an impossible decision.

SOME Windows 10 customers have been hit by a terrifying new issue that forces them to make a difficult choice.

Microsoft issued a serious alert earlier this week, advising all Windows users to apply a vital update as soon as possible. With the zero-day hole being actively exploited by criminals, this fix fixes the renowned PrintNightmare problem, which has the power to allow hackers to take complete control of PCs.

It’s about as serious as it gets, but it appears that the KB5004945 update has been causing some Windows 10 customers a lot of grief. People are complaining on social media and on forums that the patch has destroyed the connection with several printers, rendering them unusable.

This problem appears to be affecting a variety of accessories, with Zebra devices taking the brunt of the damage. “All 15 of my ZT220 printers quit working,” one user of these label printing devices wrote on a forum website. We are Hawaii’s largest seafood wholesaler, and today has been a complete nightmare, so stupid.”

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is working on a patch, but customers should expect it to take at least 24 hours to arrive on their PCs.

This has now caused a major headache for Windows 10 users, as it looks that the only option to fix the problem is to delete the critical KB5004945 update.

“We’re having the same issues, and the only way to fix it right now is to delete the update,” one Zebra forum user remarked.

Users will be able to print again after removing KB5004945, but their PC will be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

“A remote code execution vulnerability occurs when the Windows Print Spooler service incorrectly executes privileged file operations,” according to Microsoft. An attacker who successfully exploited this flaw may use SYSTEM privileges to run arbitrary code. After that, an attacker might install applications, view, alter, or remove data, or create new accounts with full user rights.”

This assault entails a cyber criminal being able to install software on PCs, including horrifying apps that record everything typed on the keyboard. If users are harmed, personal information such as banking information and passwords may come up in the wrong hands.

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