Users of Google Chrome are being urged to update again! Tech Giant warns that there are four high-level vulnerabilities.


Users of Google Chrome are being urged to update again! Tech Giant warns that there are four high-level vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome users are being asked to update yet another important fix, the second in less than a week, after the company uncovered four high-level vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers.

As a result, Google has issued a warning to its 2.6 billion Chrome users to download the crucial update that aims to cure the app’s multiple vulnerabilities.

Users of Google Chrome are being urged to update their browsers as soon as possible.

In a recent blog post, the tech giant issued the warning, stressing the existence of further security flaws in the browser.

The latest security holes were discovered just days after Google Chrome announced its 12th and 13th ‘zero day’ bugs for 2021, according to Forbes.

Now, Google has acknowledged a new set of security vulnerabilities, requiring Chrome users to upgrade as soon as possible.

The search engine behemoth, which also controls one of the most popular online browsers, only highlighted that the current update has four security fixes in its blog post.

Four High-Level Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome

It’s worth noting, though, that Google kept the details of the problems under wraps as a typical industry practice to give users more time to download the current fix.

Despite this, Forbes gathered information regarding the four major problems in the same study.

CVE-2021-37978 is a memory buffer overflow vulnerability in Blink, whereas CVE-2021-3977 is a Garbage Collection vulnerability.

Not only that, but CVE-2021-37979 was caused by another another heap buffer overflow, this time in WebRTC. Meanwhile, CVE-2021-37980 is caused by an incorrect implementation in Chrome’s Sandbox.

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Chrome Users Are Warned By Google

According to a report by, Google’s threat analysis group, or TAG, warned Chrome users that hackers had “generated flawed code signatures” that security scanners utilizing the OpenSSL code had missed.

Furthermore, Windows recognized the hackers’ code signature as authentic, making it a possible undetected penetration for the criminal minds.

Furthermore, TAG stated that the same hacking approach employed by hackers on Chrome is used by software under the OpenSUpdater line.

It’s worth noting that OpenSUpdater is classified as “riskware,” as it displays adverts on users’ browsers encouraging them to install questionable software on their computers.

TAG also discovered that the practice is primarily used by people in the United States who download gaming apps from the internet.

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