Update to version 1.05 for Cyberpunk 2077 available


In the night of December 19, 2020, CD Projekt Red released the update to version 1.05 for the Xbox and Playstation versions of Cyberpunk 2077; the patch for the Playstation is around 18 GB in size. For PCs, the hotfix will be released “soon” according to the developers – a concrete date is not mentioned.

The extensive patch notes mainly list many corrections for quests. Relatively often, there were problems with elevators in the game, for example, where all characters involved have to be on site in order to continue. This did not always work as desired, but the situation should have improved now.

According to CD Projekt Red, an error has also been corrected in the PC version that caused the game to not run as fast as it could on certain AMD computers. The community had already solved the problem with a fix, and now the developer studio has also added the official correction.

According to the patch notes, there are also a number of improvements especially for the consoles, for example in the display of cars. It is not yet clear whether the game generally runs noticeably better with patch 1.05 and shows fewer graphics errors.

Just one day before the release of the update, it was announced that Sony would no longer offer the game in the Playstation Store – because of the many problems especially with the standard PS4. Those who bought Cyberpunk 2077 can return it.

Microsoft continues to offer the game via the Xbox Live store, and returns are also possible there. According to The Verge, the online store in the US now displays a warning that performance problems are to be expected until an update is released. Golem.de did not find such a notice in the German version of the store.


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