Until 2022, BT, Virgin Media, and Sky rivals are offering completely free broadband.


Until 2022, BT, Virgin Media, and Sky rivals are offering completely free broadband.

Although SKY, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, and BT are well-known brands, one smaller competitor is hoping to shake things up by offering completely free broadband until 2022. Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s not often that you get anything for nothing, but one new broadband provider is about to do just that for some of its clients. You may not be familiar with Giganet, but this relatively new telecoms provider is making an effort to stand out by guaranteeing free internet access until October 2022. That’s right, you read that accurately.

Don’t expect this complimentary connection to be any slower than dial-up, since Giganet claims that individuals who sign up will be able to download at around 500Mbps. That’s over a tenfold increase above the current UK average.

Another advantage of this free plan is that there is no long-term commitment, so you can cancel at any moment.

Giganet confirmed to This website that a limited number of customers would be able to take advantage of this offer soon, as observed by the eagle-eyed staff at ISPreview.

The company claims that it is offering this alternative so that consumers with a bad copper connection can check out better full-fibre speeds before buying. It’s a fantastic concept since once customers join up, they’re unlikely to switch back to a traditional line.

The only drawback to the free broadband is that it is only available in certain parts of the UK, and you must be invited to join by email.

As building on its own full-fibre network in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, and West Sussex gets underway, the company recently revealed additional plans to connect over 300,000 UK households and businesses and hire 200 more employees.

Jarlath Finnegan, Giganet CEO, told ISPreview about the deal, “This is a truly distinct approach to other ISPs and makes a big statement.” We aim to make a strong argument for full fiber and encourage widespread adoption. It will benefit busy families and home workers, as well as contribute to a greener, more connected society.

“It should also aid individuals who are locked into a copper-based arrangement, allowing them to benefit from full fiber sooner than they would otherwise. “Brinkwire Summary News,” as we call it.


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