Under new Microsoft updates, Windows 10 will finally block the most dangerous threat to your computer.


Under new Microsoft updates, Windows 10 will finally block the most dangerous threat to your computer.

Starting this month, MICROSOFT will begin automatically blocking a significant threat to your Windows 10 PC. Everything you need to know is right here.

Windows 10 will begin automatically blocking undesirable software lurking on your PC starting in early August, according to the Redmond-based Microsoft. These programs, known as PUAs, aren’t malware in the traditional sense, but they can be extremely dangerous to your Windows 10 device. These apps are frequently bundled with adware, which can slow down your computer’s performance.

Torrent miners, marketing software, and bundling software are examples of other PUAs. The nastier programs are generally bundled with another software that a Windows 10 user downloads.

Microsoft, thankfully, is already taking steps to solve this major source of frustration for Windows 10 customers. According to Windows Latest, the optional PUA blocking functionality introduced with the May 2020 update will be enabled automatically in the future.

Those who are operating Windows 10 version 2004 or newer will be affected.

“Potentially unwanted applications (PUA) are a type of software that might cause your device to perform slowly, display unexpected adverts, or, at worst, install other software that may be more damaging or annoying,” Microsoft noted in a support post. PUA isn’t malicious software; it’s just software that you don’t need and probably don’t want.

“We implemented Potentially Unwanted App filtering for everyone using Windows 10 in the May 2020 Update, but users who wanted to use it still had to turn it on. We’ll start turning it on by default in early August 2021 to make it easier for you to keep your systems running at their best.”

While the feature provides a welcome security enhancement, Windows Latest claims that legal programs may be marked as undesirable as a result.

If that’s the case, the feature can be turned off in the Settings menu. To do so, open the Start Menu and then type Settings into the search box.

You must then pick Update & Security, followed by Windows Security. Go to the App & browser control tab from the left sidebar options. Then go to ‘Reputation-based protection settings’ and enable or disable ‘Potentially undesirable app filtering.’

Apart from banning programs, Windows 10 can also prevent PUAs from being downloaded. This feature, however, is only available in Microsoft Edge. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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