Under big new TfL plans, London cars will be subjected to new 20mph speed restriction rules.


Under big new TfL plans, London cars will be subjected to new 20mph speed restriction rules.

Under Transport for London’s extreme plans to implement 20mph laws, London drivers could face alarming new speed limit limits.

TfL began a trial of 20mph speed limits over sections of Westminster just over a year ago. The Victoria Embankment and Millbank were among the roadways affected by the congestion charge zone.

TfL, on the other hand, has now revealed intentions to lower speed restrictions on more roads in the vicinity.

A lower 20mph speed restriction will be implemented on a further 13km of roads within the Westminster borough under the revised plans.

The busy Edgware Road and Marylebone Road, as well as parts of St Johns Wood Road, will be affected.

The adjustments, according to Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, will make a significant difference.

“One of TfL’s key priorities is to make London’s streets safer for people walking and cycling, and 20mph speed limits considerably decrease road danger,” he said.

“The implementation of lower speed restrictions on the remainder of TfL roads across Westminster, which includes several key thoroughfares, will make a significant difference in addition to other safety improvements.”

New road signs will be put, according to TfL, to ensure that drivers are aware of the new limits.

They’ve also committed to recalibrate speed cameras throughout the area to ensure that those who break the rules are penalized.

Transport for London is rumored to be soliciting feedback on altering speed limits on three more London routes.

The interim 30mph limit on the A40 Westway is being considered as a permanent adjustment.

Meanwhile, a temporary 20 mph speed limit on Park Lane and Grosvenor Road in the northbound direction could be made permanent.

Before a further examination, a survey on the prospective adjustments is open through August 18.

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If the revised ideas are approved, the shift is expected to take effect in 2022.

Wales plans to implement a 20mph speed limit in residential zones starting in April 2023.

Specific limitations will be modified in eight regions as part of a test plan to assess how the system works.

Schemes have been begun in the Vale of Glamorgan and Pembrokeshire.

However, new developments will be launched later this year in Port Talbot, Cardiff, and Monmouthshire.

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