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[TRENDING] #BroomChallenge is a Hoax, and You Can Do it Anytime You Want! Here’s How

Have you seen pictures of your friends posting their brooms on various social media sites? If yes, you might already know the answer why but for those living under a rock, here’s what’s trending in social media today: a broom standing on its own!

On Monday, Feb. 10, millions of social media users posted pictures and videos of their sweeping brooms standing on their own without any assistance from anyone or things surrounding it.

This ‘magical trick’ was said to be announced by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Monday. According to the posts, NASA revealed that everyone around the world could make the ‘standing broom’ trick since the planet Earth was said to be ‘in perfect balance”– making the brush possible to stand up on its own. 

NASA has not yet commented on the said claims, but the mentioned post of NASA no longer appears on the website or even on their social media posts. 

Although the agency has not yet confirmed nor denied the claims, a lot of people still tried the said trick on their homes, and everyone was amazed by the results. 

As also explained by some posts, NASA was cited saying that the Earth’s gravitational pull or the vernal equinox, or even the effect of ‘full moon,’ made the trick possible. 

However, according to a report on CNN, the said ‘magical trick’ can work anytime and anywhere as long as the broom will be positioned in the right place. 

In 2012, the ‘standing broom’ trick also went trending on social media. It was also explained back then that the Earth’s gravitational pull made the trick possible. However, it was soon revealed by CNN that if you get to position the sweeping broom’s bristles on a tripod style — even without vernal equinox — the same effect will apply and the broom will remain standing. 

3News Chief Meteorologist Betsy Kling also supported CNN’s statements by saying that “It’s just balance.” Adding that “People think it’s special because at what another point in your life would you stop and try to balance a broom.” 

As the ‘standing broom’ trick emerges over time, some people also made this ‘hoax’ as a laughing item in social media.

Twitter user @AyeVontae made the ‘magic’ more magical and danced like a stripper from the movie Hustlers while using the ‘standing broom’ as his pole.

While other people used the trick to think that there’s a ghost in their house, it looks like 2020 has just introduced its newest “white and gold or black and blue dress” social media stunt. 

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