Towing trailers requires a particular set of restrictions for classic automobile owners, or they risk breaking the law.


Towing trailers requires a particular set of restrictions for classic automobile owners, or they risk breaking the law.

Towing trailers comes with its own set of rules for historic car owners, or they risk breaking the law.

When towing caravans and RVs this summer, antique automobile owners must adhere to different rules than current car owners.

Vehicles constructed before August 1, 1998, according to GOV.UK, do not require the installation of a type-approved towing bar. Modern cars, on the other hand, must adhere to specific EU criteria for the vehicle you’re driving.

Tow bars that have been type authorized must include a label with an approval number and information about the vehicle for which it has been approved.

To allow drivers to pick from a choice of less expensive options, type-approved tow bars were introduced.

To avoid breaking the law, classic car owners will need to purchase tow bars customized to their vehicle’s exact specifications.

When spare parts are in short supply, it can be difficult to track them down years later.

It may be difficult for drivers to determine how much weight they may put on their vintage vehicles.

Drivers are allowed to tow a trailer up to the kerbweight of their vehicle, according to

They maintain, however, that many cars still have towing capacities that are higher or lower than their kerbweights.

Furthermore, many older cars have no indicated towing capacity, which adds to the driver’s perplexity.

Drivers can find specific weights in their handbooks, according to experts, but they should use caution.

They also noted that the car’s condition and value should be treated with “deference,” as towing could cause harm.

“Your handbook (or your auto club) can tell you the actual weights of your car, and many later vehicles may have a maximum weights plate beneath the hood,” they stated.

“However, regardless of the law, following the industry’s recommended 85 percent rule (i.e. only towing up to 85 percent of the car’s kerbweight) is far preferred and safer (especially for towing newbies).

“In actuality, we’d hover around the 75% threshold when considering a vintage car’s condition and value.”

A high torque, weighty classic, according to experts, is better for towing.

Minor varieties like Cortinas, MGs, and Capris can tow lesser loads, but they may not be able to tow larger caravans.

Owners should also examine if their antique car is capable of towing at all, according to ClassicCars4Sale.

Towing a caravan or trailer is not recommended, according to “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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