Tourists are stranded as an electric coach is unable to locate a charging station.


Tourists are stranded as an electric coach is unable to locate a charging station.

TOURISTS were trapped yesterday when their all-electric bus couldn’t find a charging station.

On Sunday, the Carbon Battle Bus came to a halt after failing to charge at five stations around Cornwall. Passengers were disgruntled because they were unable to complete the UK tour that the bus had started days before.

Planet Mark, the Zero Carbon Tour’s organizers, successfully traveled 263 miles in the electrically-powered Yutong coach from London to the Eden Project with only one recharge.

However, as reported by Cornwall Live, it required recharging in order to proceed through the southwest of England.

Ironically, the disaster occurred in the same country where world leaders are debating climate change and the need to meet zero-carbon targets at the G7 Summit.

Few people expressed sympathy for Planet Mark online in response to the disaster.

One social media user said, “Should’ve designed it hybrid.”

Another user said, “It underlines that the UK is years away from proper infrastructure, possibly 20+ years I suppose.”

“Wonderful! A third said, “You couldn’t make it up.”

However, Planet Mark has claimed that greater infrastructure investment is needed to assist attain zero-carbon ambitions.

“The Carbon Battle Bus has the range and potential to easily accomplish this journey, but the terrible state of the UK charging infrastructure means that we only located one charger suitable on our route from London to Cornwall,” said Steve Malkin, the company’s founder and CEO. Boris Johnson, speaking at the G7, urged advanced-economy leaders to “make larger promises on… low-carbon vehicles…” To do so, he’ll need to work with enterprises and central government to integrate policy, investment, and deployment of zero-carbon technology like EV charging and nature-based solutions.

“We’re on the road to show that achieving zero carbon for every town and organization in the UK and abroad is attainable right now. We discovered an instant problem in that just one out of every ten charging points can charge our coach, and we met several EV owners who shared our displeasure at each stop. We will discover the solutions together and continue on our path to solve other difficulties and demonstrate the fantastic work that is being done.”


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