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Top Reasons Why Curvy is Better Than Flat and a New Sexy (When it Comes to Gaming Monitors)

If you’re into gaming, one of your essential tools that need upgrading every time is the gaming monitor. More than the gaming pad, gaming mouse, or even the gaming keyboard, gaming monitors are specifically the ‘eye’ for your game.

Now, if you’re looking to find a new gaming monitor on online stores, you must know that choosing that best choice for your game is never easy. Aside from the screen size or the brand, you also need to know which is better for you: the flat or the curvy screen. 

Luckily, Amazon is here to help you to choose which is better. Heads up, though, the answer would be curvy. 

Why do gamers need to choose between having a curvy or a flat monitor? According to Samsung, curvy monitors are now the trending style for players. In late 2019, curvy monitors became the highest in US sales, reaching 10 percent. Aside from its trending line, curvy monitors also have other perks when it comes to its specs and functions as compared by the flat ones.

When you compare a flat monitor vs. curvy monitor, one thing that it differentiates is the immersion level. Curvy monitors tend to offer increased immersion that gives its ‘real-life’ images and videos. Since it is curvy, users are allowed to see three dimensions of the screen, such as length, width, and height– comparing to flat that only have two dimensions. 

Distortion is also one of the perks of having a curvy monitor since flat monitors can be prone to blurriness or image distortion. If you have a larger monitor, the image distortion will be less noticeable once the monitor is curvier in shape. 

According to a study, 60 percent of eye ache and eyestrain are more commonly experienced in using flat monitors compared to curvy monitors. Apparently, even the largest screen of curvy monitors have the ability to make your eyes more comfortable when gaming. 

These are just three out of many reasons why gamers prefer curvy monitors when it comes to choosing gaming screens. If you want to experience these perks first hand, Amazon is willing to give out smart deals with their top brands of curvy monitors available now on the market. 

For 15% off, check out this MSI Non-Glare Gaming Monitor on Amazon store today! 

Asus also brings curved gaming monitors like this TUF gaming screen that can be yours for an affordable price on Amazon!

If you’re looking for the cheapest set of curvy monitors on Amazon, Philips monitor is here for you!

Not only that, it is super curvy, but AOC Gaming Monitor also has a frameless feature– perfect for easier and more comfortable gaming experience! 

No need to search for more as this HKC LED White Monitor can be yours for only 15% off on Amazon!

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Increased Immersion

Reduced Distortion

Greater Eye Comfort

MSI Non-Glare Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor 

Philips Curvy Computer Monitor

AOC Gaming Monitor

HKC LED White Monitor

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