Tonight, there are five words that EVERY Sky Q user should say into their remote.


Tonight, there are five words that EVERY Sky Q user should say into their remote.

SKY has debuted a new voice command that was chosen by fans and could help you save time tonight.

Sky Q is constantly adding additional voice commands to its Voice Remote, allowing consumers to better search for episodes, movies, stars, and directors. Even better, you may use a quote from your favorite movie to find it on Sky Cinema, Sky Store, Netflix, or Disney+. For example, saying “show me the money!” into your remote will bring up the Jerry Maguire listing.

The satellite broadcaster, on the other hand, has chosen a totally different approach with the latest update to the Sky Q Voice Remote. For the first time, Sky has asked its users to help select the next voice command by voting on which one should be introduced to its set-top box.

Sky gave users the option of voting for “Here we go,” “Southgate you’re the one,” “God Save Our Gracious Queen,” or “So good, so good” in a social media poll. The winner was announced as “Southgate you’re the one” after hundreds of ballots were counted.

Given how strongly England fans have rallied around the Atomic Kitten single from 2000, this is somewhat predictable. The girl trio re-released the song this week, along with new lyrics praising England manager Gareth Southgate and his capacity to turn us all on, ahead of the semi-final match.

And if none of those pique your interest, we already have several for you to sample! Simply say into your Sky Q voice control, “Euros,” “It’s coming home,” or “Come on England.” ������

Pick up your Sky Q Voice Remote and say those magical five phrases to be taken to the Euros’ voice destination page. There’s plenty to adore in this menu, which brings together everything a Euros 2020 fan might want in one place – from the latest tournament headlines to game clips and a link to the newest episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast for unique insights.

If you don’t have a Sky Q Voice Remote, Sky offers promotions on a regular basis where you can acquire one for free.

“Southgate, you’re the one” is the fourth voice command to open the Euros 2020 hub on Sky Q, following “Goal,” “It’s Coming Home,” and “Come on England.”

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