Tonight, Alexa might be on your Smart TV! A new update will bring the Echo assistant to the big screen.


Tonight, Alexa might be on your Smart TV! A new update will bring the Echo assistant to the big screen.

DO NOT BUY AN AMAZON ALEXA FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM; as part of a forthcoming software upgrade, your television may obtain the conversational assistant Alexa for free.

In a software upgrade, Amazon’s chatty AI assistant Alexa will be added to a variety of Smart TVs. When the new software is installed on your television, you’ll be able to change stations, search for movies by specific directors, and ask general knowledge questions by speaking into the remote – just like an Amazon Echo.

The most recent upgrade is the result of a collaboration between Amazon and LG Electronics. LG televisions with the LG Magic Remote will be able to use their channel-changer in the same way that an Amazon Echo can.

Alexa will be available on LG’s webOS Smart TV platform, according to the company. In the following weeks and months, the upgrade will begin in North America, followed by Europe, including the United Kingdom, and Asia. Unfortunately, there isn’t a firm timeline yet, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long for the upgrade to arrive.

Other supported brands include Blaupunkt, Polaroid, Seiki, and Skytech, in addition to LG TVs.

“Adding Amazon Alexa to the lengthy list of webOS features will enhance the user experience and boost the value of our developing smart TV ecosystem,” LG Home Entertainment Head of Content Services Jung Sung-hyun stated. Bringing Alexa’s capabilities to third-party TVs while maintaining the convenience of webOS is a win-win-win for TV companies, customers, and developers.”

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo but have an LG TV in your living room, you’ll be able to try out some of the best features of the best-selling smart speaker. That means you’ll be able to use your voice to get the latest news, check the weather or traffic conditions, turn on smart lighting, order takeout, and more.

Alexa’s coming should also help with accessibility. Switching HDMI inputs, finding stations in the EPG, and launching streaming apps like Netflix with a single button and your voice should make it easier for folks who aren’t as tech-savvy to discover new capabilities.


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