To update ‘out-of-date’ technology, traffic lights will receive a £15 million financial boost.


To update ‘out-of-date’ technology, traffic lights will receive a £15 million financial boost.

According to the Government’s new Transport Decarbonisation Plan, traffic lights will receive a major financial boost to repair “out of date” technology.

Investment in new technologies, according to the government, is required to assist “keep an effective traffic management system.” It noted that while traffic lights are “important for managing congestion,” they are “undermined by poor maintenance.”

The government has set aside £15 million to help modernize traffic signals, which will, according to experts, help “improve emissions.”

This is largely due to improved technology allowing automobiles to spend less time idling on congested roadways.

“Traffic signal controls are critical for managing congestion, delay, and emissions,” the research stated.

“However, poorly maintained detection systems and out-of-date traffic management plans jeopardize these operations.

“A £15 million investment in 2021/22 will assist highway authorities in restoring the effectiveness of their signals.

“Investing in the upkeep of this vital asset will not only reduce emissions, but will also open the door to new technology and data systems that will help produce a digital and linked road network.”

The Government’s intention to provide the additional funds was initially announced in April, despite being confirmed in the Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

All 121 English councils were given the opportunity to apply for funds, and 101 of them did so.

Councils were asked to produce documentation of their current traffic light maintenance plans as well as how they planned to use the new funds.

The funds will be distributed in blocks of £300,000 to £500,000 to various authorities.

The Department of Transport described the uptake as “unprecedented,” according to Intelligent Transport Systems experts.

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RAC Foundations’ Steve Gooding, Chair of the Transport Technology Forum, said the demand demonstrated a “want” to enhance roads and traffic flow.

He went on to say that the new traffic signals would provide drivers with “a number of advantages.”

“The sheer number of authorities seeking for money demonstrates a desire to improve traffic flow in their areas,” he said.

“I am encouraged by their dedication to ensure that their traffic signals operate as efficiently as possible.

“There are numerous advantages to properly timed lights that react to current traffic circumstances.

“Improving air quality and reducing driver stress by ensuring speedier routes, reduced congestion, and improved support for active travel.”


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