To avoid fines, caravan and motorhome owners must adhere to strict highway standards.


To avoid fines, caravan and motorhome owners must adhere to strict highway standards.

Owners of caravans and motorhomes must adhere to strict highway standards or face penalties when traveling this summer.

Caravans are only allowed to travel at 60 mph on highways and dual carriageways, despite the fact that vehicles are normally allowed to go at 70 mph. On a single carriageway, drivers towing a trailer or motorhome are likewise limited to 50mph.

A automobile carrying a caravan is likewise not permitted to utilize the right lane while traveling on the highway.

This lane is left available for overtaking vehicles, and because cars can go at speeds of up to 10 mph, caravans are unable to utilize it.

Driving slower than other drivers can be “irritating,” according to Practical Caravan, but the slower speeds are necessary.

This, they admit, helps maintain the caravan or motorhome “stable and safe” while on the road.

They also verified that the lane limits were in place to “improve traffic flow” and prevent crowded lanes.

“When towing a caravan, you’ll need to drive more carefully — the fastest you’re allowed to go is 60mph,” they warned.

“It may seem inconvenient to drive 10 miles per hour slower than all the other law-abiding motorists, but the reduced maximum speed keeps the outfit stable and safe.

“On addition to adhering to the speed limit, towing drivers should be aware of another rule: if the highway has three lanes or more, you are not permitted to travel in the outside lane.

“It can be aggravating when one vehicle overtakes another with a minuscule difference in speed.

“However, the law is in place to help with traffic flow and ensure that the outside lane isn’t crowded with slow-moving vehicles.

“It’s legal to use the outer lane to overtake when towing on a two-lane stretch of highway as long as you return to the inside lane once the manoeuvre is completed, just as you should when driving without a caravan.”

Drivers who breach the speed limit will be fined £100 and will receive three penalty points on their license.

Drivers who receive 12 or more penalty points in a three-year period may be barred from driving, according to GOV.UK.

Caravan Guard experts have advised motorists to properly load their caravans before embarking on lengthy excursions.

This is necessary to ensure that one side of the caravan is heavier than the other, preventing the caravan from becoming unstable.


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