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[TIPS] Pokemon GO Ultra League: Best Pokemon, Weapons, and Attacks You’ll Need to Win

Pokemon GO Battle League is now giving you a chance to battle out your sets of Pokemon against players around the globe! Since this is a game of countries and regions, you’d better need to strategize well and pick out the best set of Pokemon that will represent your team against other nations. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Niantic announced that Pokemon GO‘s next battle division called Pokemon GO Ultra League is set to happen on the game for the next two weeks. Are you ready for this grand battle of pocket monsters? If not, here are some guides and tips just for you!


For those PoGo players that haven’t yet understand how Battle Leagues work, it’s simple. Pokemon GO Battle League is a new player-vs-player or PVP format game that all players of PoGo can play on their gadgets around the globe.

The goals are simple: choose a battle league where you want to compete, pick only three Pokemon from your team to fight all-throughout the game, and win your very first Pokemon GO Battle League. 

Though the goals were simple, choosing which Pokemon to battle out against your competitors is what makes it complicated. Since the game only allows three pocket monsters, players need to strategize the strengths and weaknesses of their pocket monsters before going on a battle.

Not only that, since it is now Pokemon GO Ultra League, there’s also a CP limitation when it comes to choosing your Pokemon. 

CP limits allow players to choose from a wide variety of Pokemon but also have the chance to avoid the strongest set of Pokemon in the battle. In Ultra League, Niantic only allowed Pokemon that are at, or below, a CP of 2,500. Once Master League happens soon, the CP limitations will no longer take effect. 

With this limit, everyone can be creative and experimental on which Pokemon deserves to battle. 

Now that you’ve picked out your Pokemon, how can you join the battle?

Joining Ultra League or any Battle Leagues on Pokemon GO can be tiring or expensive. Just go to the app, and you will already see the Battle League icon; click the ‘Battle’ and complete five battles before entering the tournament.  

Completing the Go Battle league sets can also be a little tricky. The first sets of these battles are free to use. However, the latter must be earned– by walking 5 km — or purchased with Poke Coins.

Since you’re already ready to battle on Ultra League, you must now choose the best set of Pokemon for your battle. Luckily, the DBLTAP gaming website already summarized the list of best Pokemon to choose from for the Ultra League– based on tier level. 

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

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