Tim Cook on Apple Self-Repair: It ‘Feels Good’ to Give People Manuals and Parts to Work On.


Tim Cook on Apple Self-Repair: It ‘Feels Good’ to Give People Manuals and Parts to Work On.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has spoken out in support of the company’s recent move into “right-to-repair,” noting that it “feels good” to provide consumers with manuals and parts. After Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Apple’s long-serving CEO, stated that everyone who believes they are capable of repairing their Apple products has an opportunity to do so, but that Apple Service is still available.

Tim Cook says he supports Apple’s self-repair program.

In an interview with KLTA Los Angeles reporter Rich DeMuro, the right-to-repair and the position of Apple CEO Tim Cook were explored. Apple’s Tim Cook said it “feels wonderful” to be providing consumers with the documentation, parts, and tools they need to fix their devices themselves, whether as a DIYer or a home professional.

Cook describes to these folks as the “Popular Mechanics” audience since they may be experts on their rights, with some having hands-on expertise with electronic gear. Several people who DIY fix their own gadgets are trained to do so, and this is something that Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged in a recent interview and Apple’s self-repair endeavors.

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Apple Service is Still Open for Fixes and Tweaks, According to Tim Cook

As mentioned in the interview, Tim Cook stated that, despite the company’s new Apple self-repair program, Apple’s Services are still available to people who require them. People should still go to AASPs for their requirements and difficulties with their electronics, according to the CEO, for better help and repair.

Apple: Repair Rights and More

Apple began supporting US government efforts to allow individuals to repair their own devices without voiding warranties or needing them to be transferred to their service providers. The company’s right-to-repair stance was the first in early November, and it drew backing from well-known video providers who specialize in Apple device repair.

By 2022, many instructions and components for Apple’s right-to-repair focus for its products and company will be available, as well as the prerequisites that a person should have while opening up their gadgets. The right-to-repair is here to provide a guidance for anyone who wants to do it themselves, from Macs to iPhones. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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