TikTok will be available on your TVs starting TODAY, with the app aiming to take over your living room.


YOU could be scrolling through TikTok on your TV today if you own the right set.

All you need is a modern LG TV and a TikTok account to start watching all your favourite video clips on the big screen.

LG has announced that all its 2020 and 2021 tellies will get the app via a firmware update.

You’ll need to make sure your LG TV has the webOS 5 operating system or a newer version installed.

If you have all those things then you should be able to access TikTok on your TV from today.

Look out for an over-the-air prompt, install it and then open up the app.

Don’t worry if your TV is slightly older though.

LG said TikTok “will also be available for 2019 and FHD TVs in the coming months”.

If TikTok isn’t your thing, LG’s webOS can still give you access to lots of other fun apps.

This includes Disney+ and YouTube, which are both useful if you can’t find anything good to watch on the mainstream channels.

An expansion into TikTok isn’t exclusive to LG TVs.

Modern Android TVs have been able to access the video sharing app for a while now.

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