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TikTok science teacher disgusts fans with 24-year-old McDonald’s meal ‘perfectly preserved’ in her cupboard

AN ANCIENT McDonald’s meal that that was first served up 1996 has emerged from a bag “perfectly preserved”.

A TikTok creator posted a video of her science teacher grandma pulling out the not-so-happy meal – only to be surprised by its pristine condition.

The 24-year-old burger may be the oldest in the world.

“You want to see my hamburger? It lives in a box in the cupboard,” the grandma said on the video.

She opened a shoebox to reveal a wrinkled McDonald’s bag advertising a 1996 Nascar race.

And then proceeds to pull out French fries that look as good as new.

A hamburger comes next, with both bread and meat free from mould or rot.

However, the sauce, onions and pickles appear to have disappeared.

“So that’s the 24-year-old hamburger,” she says.

“Not sure what would happen if you ate it though.”

Aly Sherb, who uploaded the video, said that her grandma is a science teacher – and kept the burger as an experiment.

The viral clip has been viewed millions of times, despite being truly terrifying.

We previously told how a McDonalds super-fan kept a burger and fries in a glass cabinet for 10 years.

The so-called “indestructible” McDonald’s meal has no sign of mould or decay, despite having been first served up a decade ago.

Back in 2009, McDonald’s closed down all three of its restaurants in Iceland.

And one man decided to buy the icy nation’s final hamburger and fries – so the meal could live on after the chain’s closure.

“I had heard that McDonald’s never decompose so I just wanted to see if it was true or not,” Hjortur Smarason said.

It’s now been exactly 10 years since Smarason made his purchase, and the meal barely looks older.

In fact, there’s a livestream of the burger and fries available to watch online for free.

The not-so-happy meal is housed in a glass cabinet in Snotra House, a hostel in southern Iceland.

You can check out the livestream here.

“The old guy is still there, feeling quite well,” said hostel owner Siggi Sigurdur, speaking to BBC News.

“It’s a fun thing, of course, but it makes you think about what you are eating.

“There is no mould, it’s only the paper wrapping that looks old.”

In other preservation news, a stunning pair of lion cubs that died 44,000 years ago were found frozen in Siberia.

A Siberian puppy frozen 14,300 years was found “perfectly preserved” and may have been a pet.

And the world’s “oldest animal” was recently revealed by ancient fat from a 558million-year-old Russian fossil.

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