TikTok is down: Users are enraged as they continue to report log-in troubles and hundreds of followers are lost.


TikTok is down: Users are enraged as they continue to report log-in troubles and hundreds of followers are lost.

Users of the viral video app TIKTOK are still complaining about not being able to log in owing to an ongoing outage, and some have reported losing followers. Here’s the latest TikTok news, as the business acknowledges that a fix is in the works and asks supporters to be patient.

Although the vast majority of TikTok users appear to be back online, many are still experiencing issues hours after the outage began. TikTok is working on a solution and has expressed gratitude to followers for their patience. Although there is no official word from TikTok just yet, some users have reported that rebooting their phones appears to fix the problem.

If you’re having trouble logging onto TikTok tonight, you’re certainly not alone. Thousands of reports of the famous chat and video app being down are streaming in from around the world, and the social media business has now confirmed that there is a significant problem. Many users are furious because they can’t access their accounts, while others are reporting that all of their followers have vanished. The outage began at 8.30 p.m., and many users are angry because they can’t access their accounts. Independent outage monitor Down Detector has seen a significant increase in TikTok down reports, while users have also reported troubles in droves on Twitter.

The TikTok troubles are hitting users in the UK and huge portions of Europe, according to the Down Detector outage map, with one user writing on the forum page, “TikTok is down can’t login and seeing 0 followers and 0 likes on my accounts.”

“So I have to change my username????” said another. And you have 0 likes, 0 follows, and 0 followers??”

TikTok fans have also swamped Twitter with complaints, in addition to the numerous comments on Down Detector.

“TikTok appears to be down because my won’t let me see comments, likes, or anything,” one tweet said.

“Looks like TikTok is down showing 0 followers & 0 videos and likes where is it all gone can we get them back @tiktok uk,” one user said.

There’s no news on what’s causing the gremlins or when they’ll be addressed, but TikTok has verified the problem, with the support team stating that they’re working on a solution.

“The TikTok app is currently.”Brinkwire Summary News,” TikTok wrote on Twitter.


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