Thousands of drivers oppose the new car tax zone, asking, “What kind of democracy is this?”


Thousands of drivers oppose the new car tax zone, asking, “What kind of democracy is this?”

THOUSANDS of angry motorists have expressed their dissatisfaction with the introduction of a new clean air zone in Manchester, which is set to begin at the end of May.

Around four months ago, a petition was launched, urging Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to “halt” the clean air zone.

The clean air zone will open in May, and some car owners who do not have compatible vehicles will be charged a daily fee to drive in the area.

Private automobiles, motorcycles, and mopeds are unaffected, but hackney carriages and private hire vehicles will be charged £7.50 per day, and vans and minibuses will be charged £10.

Non-compliant large vehicles such as coaches, buses, and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) will be charged £60 per day.

“Can you remember him or anyone else in Greater Manchester asking you if you wanted this?” the petition asks.

“What kind of democracy is that if we weren’t?

“Please join me in signing this petition to stop this in its tracks!”

Over 23,000 signatures have already been collected, as well as social media support.

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, responded to the petition on Twitter.

“Given the number of signatures on this petition has surpassed 10,000, I felt I owed everyone who has signed it courtesy of a response,” he wrote.

“To call this ‘Andy Burnham’s Clean Air Charge,’ implies two things: that I started it, and that I have the legal authority to stop it.

“Neither of these statements are correct.

“Only the government has the power to stop or delay the process that led to this.”

“However, even the government would find it difficult to repeal it.”

The Supreme Court of the United States issued the following decision in 2015:

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“By failing to protect citizens from polluted air, it had broken the law.”

Also, immediate action is required.

“As a result, the government issued legal directives to local governments.”

“The size of the GM scheme has been a point of contention.

True, this is a decision made at the local level.

In the end, our councils didn’t have much of a choice.

“The alternative, a patchwork of local zones spanning ten boroughs, would be impractical.”

As pollution increased, boundaries would shift.

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