Thousands of drivers and residents will be affected by new road rules in the coming months.


Thousands of drivers and residents will be impacted by new road rules in the coming months.

THOUSANDS of people will be affected by a new 2022 driving rule in the coming months, thanks to the support of housing association Stonewater.

They’ve stated that they’ll support the installation of electric car charging stations in both new and existing housing developments.

Charging bays will be installed in new homes and buildings undergoing major renovations as a result of the new driving law.

The changes follow the announcement by the government that housing developers will be required by law to install chatting points in new structures.

According to the government, the new policy will result in the installation of 145,000 additional charging bays in England each year.

The new scheme, according to Stonewater, was approved by the organization’s board of directors in September.

The housing association said it is currently putting together a framework to begin the process of hiring a third-party EV charging company.

This group will then be in charge of the new scheme’s management and installation.

She stated that assisting with electric vehicle compatibility would be a “core focus” for the group in the future.

“Our commitment to overcoming the challenges we face to achieve net-zero includes not only providing energy-efficient, warm, and affordable homes for our customers, but also supporting them to live more sustainably where possible,” she said.

“Providing EV charging stations is a significant step forward in meeting our commitments in this area.”

“How we best support our customers in the switch to electric cars has been a core focus for various areas of the organization, especially with the upcoming regulatory changes.”

“This new approach makes it easier for existing customers to install safe and compliant EV charging points on their driveways and outlines our approach to retrofitting the infrastructure in communal car parks,” says the company.

Stonewater currently oversees the sound management of 34,500 homes across the country, with plans to expand further next year.

“We’re currently leading a significant house-building programme at Stonewater,” said Martin Fox, Head of Development (North).

“Beginning in 202223, we plan to build at least 1,500 new homes per year.”

“However, ensuring that much-needed new homes are designed to help meet the challenges posed by the climate crisis is an important part of providing much-needed new homes.”

“Since April of last year, we’ve made it a policy to ensure that any new homes we build are built without fossil fuel heating, with the goal of eliminating all fossil fuel heating from our developments by 2040.

“Apart from how we heat our homes, transportation is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions,” says the report.

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