This summer, drivers are transforming their automobiles into little caravans for staycation getaways.


This summer, drivers are transforming their automobiles into little caravans for staycation getaways.

IN A NEW TREND, UK HOLIDAYMAKERS are skipping hotels and Airbnbs in favor of converting their own cars into caravans.

Some motorists have turned their own cars into hotel rooms, complete with everything you’ll need for a staycation in the United Kingdom. Laurie Alyce, a history teacher, turned her modest Fiat 500 into a trailer and documented her journey on the social networking site TokTok.

She said in an internet video that the first step was to remove everything from the car seats and close the sunroof to prevent extra heat from entering the cockpit.

To offer a larger surface area, the back seat footwells are filled with an inflatable bed.

Laurie has added a comforter and four cushions to make the space more inviting.

Laurie stated she chose a sleeping bag over a thick mattress because of the increased heat.

This, she added, was critical in making her feel safer when she locked up for the night.

Laurie Alyce, speaking with specialists at Peter Vardy, stated that car camping has created a “flexible, inexpensive, and secure accommodation” for road trips.

“Car camping allows me to travel for simply the expense of gasoline, food, and access to attractions, allowing me to see and do more for longer,” she explained.

“For road trip vacations, car camping allows for a more flexible itinerary.

“Are you ahead of schedule or behind schedule? “Don’t worry; get a new parking spot.”

Drivers, on the other hand, are not permitted to park anywhere on their route, according to Laurie.

When stopping overnight, she advised drivers to verify the rules for car parks and stay away from residential areas.

Car caravaning, according to Emma Stack, Digital Marketing Manager at Peter Vardy, is a “wonderful solution.”

She described it as a “versatile, cost-effective solution” for individuals looking for an inexpensive summer getaway.

“Using your car as a camping utensil is a pretty fantastic way to see more of Britain this summer,” she said.

“Given the current state of international travel, we anticipate to see many more motorists doing road trips.

“Car camping is a flexible, cost-effective answer for growing staycation rates — and it also allows you to see more of our wonderful country.”

The DVLA has established a set of criteria for converting automobiles to RVs.

The DVLA has stated that it will only consider converting an automobile to a motorhome if three conditions are met. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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